Good Day Sunshine

Leave it to me to let a day that started with a cold shower turn into a relatively good day. It was good to get back to my latest story this morning, though I’m not particularly happy with where it is and have no hopes for it being any good before my deadline. It was good to have a good breakfast. This morning’s breakfast, the usual, was quite good. It doesn’t always come out that way. It was not good to have the cold shower, but as I said, everything ended up balancing out in the end.

My showers never start off as cold, but I guess by the time I’m taking a shower almost all of the hot water must be used up. I get about two or three minutes of hot water and then the rest is cold or lukewarm at best. I don’t take long showers, either. I’m actually pretty efficient in that department. I don’t understand why there isn’t enough water for me.

Anyway, I went to work and the big boss was supposedly in a good mood. My best days, though, are the ones in which he and I don’t encounter each other at all. No matter how much I’m getting done in a given day, he always finds a reason to be pissed off at me. As my coworkers were going on about how good a mood he was in, I was convinced that one conversation with me would ruin his mood and destroy the day for everyone else. I was most pleased to get through to five o’clock without a single word uttered between us. I also got a lot done. I was busy most of the day and that was good. It made it go by quicker.

I worked out, came home, read some more of Robert Olmstead’s River Dogs, which I began reading at the gym, and then Stef came home and we got into an argument about house buying. Mostly, it was just me being me. I get really pissy when she comes home. I don’t know exactly why, but I think its because she comes home late and when she comes home it means that the day is almost over. It also pisses me off whenever she starts a conversation with the phrase, “Someone at work was telling me,” because generally, I don’t put much stock in the silly conversations I have at work. I don’t think anybody I work with ever goes home for the day with some great revelation so when Stef is pulling me away from the computer at the end of the day to talk about something her coworker told her, I get antsy.

It worked out in the end, but I’m not sure what we talked about. Eventually I just let her talk and I shut up. There was some notion of not quitting jobs before buying a house. That’s what it was mainly about. Whatever. I’m convinced we’ll never buy a house anyway. I think it’s something we’ll just always talk about.

Like kids. But that’s a whole other story.