Mmm kay?

Uhm, let’s see. The day at work was uneventful but stressful. I reread my latest story and thought it was alright, though I’m almost certainly wrong about that. I’m almost done with Olmstead’s River Dogs, but in some ways I wish it wouldn’t end. What else? Is there anything? Well, Jon and I got together to write our script, but I was going to save that for the paragraphs to follow. I didn’t want to cramp everything into this one paragraph. That could be detrimental.

The stress of my impending school deadline is arousing silliness in my being. I’m probably as done with the story as I’m going to be, but now I have to write annotations on the two books I’ve read. That’s a whole other story. Sometimes those come easy. Sometimes they don’t. Usually when I’ve identified what I’m writing about ahead of time, when a strong theme has popped into my head days in advance—that’s when I get it right.

JonMartin and I did our writing thing after some dinner and some television. We also read through a number of little sketches that Jon wrote while at Oxford and they were all quite funny. He asked for my opinion on one or two, which is always gratifying as a writer. You like to know that people actually think you know what you’re doing.

We had been thinking of getting our script into the next Project Greenlight competition, but for a number of reasons I think we’ve decided not to. My experience last time was not all that great and they are looking more for genre pictures this time. We figured we know enough film-type people around here to make the film ourselves if it ever came to that.