Just Another Day

So first off, I’m not a baseball fan for the most part but I have to take a moment to address the news story that broke today about A-Rod, the player our Red Sox have been coveting and trying to trade for since the end of last season, going to our archrivals, the New York Yankess. I mean, how does this kind of thing continually happen to the Sox? They were finally favorites to win it all (at least according to Vegas) and then, once again, the Evil Empire pulls the rug from out under us. If he got traded to any other team in baseball it would’ve hurt because we tried so hard and failed but this is like a stab in the heart.

Now, baseball ranting aside I don’t really have much to speak about here on the old page today. Stef worked today for half the day and then we did a little shopping and little movie watching. While Stef was gone I finished up a little project I’d been working on in iTunes (getting the album names for all of the songs in my collection) and then finished two papers I had to write for my MFA.

Other than that, it was just a normal Saturday. I guess it could be classified as slightly abnormal if you consider that it was a little less stressful for me because I have a three-day weekend this weekend. It actually occurred to me that, because of President’s Day and the upcoming Bahai holiday Stef’s family will be celebrating in Maine, I will now have three four-day weeks in a row. I dig that. That is really cool.

I finally broke down and bought the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Best Of” CD that I’d been staring at every time I went to the record store and I tried to convince Stephanie that I should get $20 to blow for every time I’ve stopped myself from buying a new cheapo CD player and that, since I’ve stopped myself at least 15 to 20 times that means I now have enough money to buy an iPod.

She didn’t buy it.