Driving in Circles

I actually found myself willingly watching NASCAR this afternoon. It was a strange, strange experience. For about ten minutes, I was really excited. Then I re-realized that the entire thing consists of guys driving around in a big circle for three or four hours. I suddenly wasn’t as excited. It was a good thing that ESPN Classics was playing the 1998 NBA All Star Game as an alternative, but even that wasn’t too thrilling. What was exceptionally good was that Jon and I were headed out for the afternoon and I didn’t have to stomach either television program for very long.

JonMartin had been wanting to get to the gym. He was interested in how the hell I’d been losing weight, what my routine consisted of. So, he brought me along. After stops at Target for sweatpants and Wendy’s for food, we went to the Rec Center at UMass Lowell and I did my best to not sound like an idiot while describing to him my workout process.

We did some cardio and a couple of weight machines and then got out of there. It was cool. We were going to play pool to wrap up but they were closing up early because of it being President’s Day Weekend.

After I came home, Stef and I eventually ordered a pizza and we sat and watched bits of the 2004 NBA All Star Game in between my regular visits back here to the office to work on my little album covers gathering project for my iTunes collection. Did that last sentence make sense? I’m not sure.