“Might-As-Well Be Republican” Democrats

It disgusts me that the one candidate I wanted to vote for in the Democratic primary is now out of the race. I won’t ever have a chance to vote for Howard Dean, who was the only candidate who said anything of any worth in this race until all of the other Washington copycats started ripping off his agenda and passing it off as their own. What am I left to choose from now? Two “might as well be Republican” Democrats? I might vote for Kucinich or Sharpton just to fucking spite them.

Of course, I suppose it’s always been a foregone conclusion that John Kerry would win Massachusetts—he is our senator after all—but I really wanted a chance to voice my opinion. I wanted my vote to actually matter. I know I should never have been as naive as to think it would, but I do have small amounts of optimism left in my body.

I understand the overwhelming desire of all sane people to get Dubya out of office but what good does it do us to elect yet another lifelong politician who will tell us what we want to hear for a year to get elected and then sit on his ass for the next four collecting a paycheck. Someone whose made their living in Washington, like Kerry or Edwards, isn’t going to work for you or me. They have never worked for you or me, even though they may be so-called “representatives” of the people. They work for the companies that fund their campaigns. And sure, maybe those aren’t the same polluting, warmongering, destroying the world kind of companies that fund the Republicans’ campaigns, but they are still companies with specific interests.

Want to talk more about the issues? I welcome anyone who is interested to go register at EarlForAmerica.com and restart the debate over there.

Anyway, I’m upset that Dean’s out and though I really want to vote for Kucinich or Sharpton just to be an asshole, I more want John Kerry to lose. I tihnk Edwards is the lesser of the three evils (Bush being the greatest evil, Kerry the second greatest) and it would give me a charge to see our fuck-up senator get his ass kicked on his own turf next Tuesday. That’s one instance where I would rather the team from Carolina win.