I’m not getting a lot of reading done. I have a lot of reading to do. This, you can imagine, is a problem. Unfortunately, I’m going through a horribly stressful spot in my work life right now. I come home and if I don’t go to the gym first and get my reading down while on the elliptical machine, I don’t get any reading done at all. I do get some in during lunch, but not very much. With the amount of books I have to conquer in the next three to four months, I really need to get on the ball and I have no idea how to do that.

I feel myself regretting doing the genealogy and history research as a graded project for school. It was fine as a hobby, something I could pick at, but now that I’ve committed myself to doing it and doing it right and getting enough of it done to write a book on what I’ve found… Now I feel stressed out. Now I feel like I can’t possibly get it done.

The story I’m working on this week, “The One About Carl”, has not been going well either. When I sat down and planned out my schedule for the semester, I thought Carl would be the easiest revision on my plate. I thought “The One About Ian” would certainly be tougher. I was, as in so many things, wrong on this one. “Carl” is being difficult. He’s always been difficult, ever since the first draft. We’ll see where I am tomorrow, but I don’t have great confidence right now.