Ralph Nader Blows Goats

So, I finally got myself a new portable CD player. It didn’t have all the features I wanted, but I figured it would make do. Basically, I had two choices. There was the one that played CDs, MP3 CDs, and had a regular FM tuner. It was $19, but it wouldn’t let me listen to AM stations, which I do listen to on occasion. The one I did buy was $29. It played CDs and had a digital AM/FM tuner, but couldn’t play MP3 CDs. Well, I decided that I was more willing to sacrifice the MP3 CDs to get the AM tuning and the cooler-looking model. You know where this is going, don’t you?

The AM tuner works like crap.  In my car, which is where I primarily will use the thing, it wasn’t getting anything at all. I only tested it in the parking lot of Best Buy, so I might’ve been under some power lines or something, but whatever. I considered going back in and exchanging it for the cheaper model. I didn’t, though. I popped a CD in and it played beautifully and I decided everything would be just fine.

The rest of my day consisted of the usual Sunday nonsense: groceries, laundry, and a little reading. I also got on the phone with my Mom and Dad to discuss plans for a wedding we’ll all be attending in June, my cousin Christle’s. We talked about how best to get down there and such.

I watched a little basketball and was more interested in the Lakers game that was playing on ESPN than watching the pathetic Celtics on FOX Sports Net. I love the Celtics, as I love all of our local teams, but I wish they’d get their act together. The Patriots are winning championships, the Red Sox are coming close, and the Bruins ain’t doing bad either. The Celts are the odd man out.

And how much do I fucking hate Ralph Nader right now for throwing his hat into the presidential race and virtually guaranteeing us another four years of George Bush? Let’s be honest: all the disillusioned Howard Dean supporters are heading over to the Nader camp to express their disgust with both major parties and that’ll be the difference. The Republicans will still get their hard core people and the Democrats will get theirs, but the Democrats need those independent voters that Nader is sure to get. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush is slipping Nader something on the side to do this. This is stupid and I don’t know what he hopes to accomplish. He’s not going to get enough votes to win. He’s going to get enough votes to keep the Dems from winning.