We figured we’d have some spare time between various family gatherings so we planned on catching up with Tori and Dan while we were up in Maine. We also wanted to check out some houses. We do want to get on the ball on that front by the end of the year. It turned out that these two activities blended into one activity and we killed two birds with one cliche. Tori and Dan showed us around some of the towns near them after we ate lunch.

We met Tori and Dan in Portland, with Anisa along for the ride (though she was thinking of having us drop her at the library to do some studying, this never happened). We met at the Borders store there and there was a crazy accordion player playing on the bench out front. I danced to his music for a moment or two and he seemed to get a kick out of it.

He probably would have appreciated a donation more, but we were on our way out.

Lunch was at Friday’s and was good. We caught up, though most of the catching up was between everyone else because I had already blabbered my problems on this page and to Stef and Anisa, who don’t read this page.

After lunch we drove up the coast a little bit and checked out houses in Bath. There were a number of nice ones but when we went back to Tori’s apartment afterward, we couldn’t find the one we really liked on any web site.

We departed and I was feeling sick on the way home, something that happened a lot. I ended up going to bed without dinner after a quick stop at the grocery store. That was that.