Reading & Eating

Sunday was a day spent indoors. In fact, I’m not sure if went outdoors even once. I have a feeling that I must have, but I’m not sure that I actually did. Basically, I spent the day reading. This was good, and it’s probably something I should do more of on Sundays with the amount of reading I have to do. It didn’t hurt that I was really digging the stories by William Trevor. It didn’t hurt that everyone else in the house was reading or studying.

Occupied as I was, I also didn’t have time to hate myself or despise my situation. I had no time to whine about lack of progress on the house or baby front, about whether or not I was wasting my money on my education. I had no time for any of that. That was good.

We had dinner in the afternoon: ham, potatoes, rolls, salad. It was good, not my favorite food, but good. (I messed up that punctuation.)

After dinner, Alex (Stef’s brother) and I did the dishes while others either read or went out into the woods on the property to tap maple trees for syrup.  After that we watched X2, the first time I’d seen it since the theaters. While we were doing that, The Return of the King was apparently sweeping the Oscars. Then it was time for bed.