Mexican & More Driving

Today we drove from Maine to Conway, NH to see Stef’s dad. Then we drove from Conway to Keene to drop Anisa off. Then we drove from Keene home, and tried not to fall asleep on the way. In between there was Mexican food, playing with dogs, more discussion about what we were doing with our lives, and lots of indigestion.

I ended up reading “The One About Carl” in the car again, this time so Anisa could hear, and I got a good response again. It was actually a good way to end the weekend, because reading it twice this weekend helped me realize how good the story actually was. I’ve now read it aloud three times in a row (once to myself and twice aloud in the car) without wanting to go back to the drawing board. The usually means, for me at least, that it’s done.

We had lunch at a Mexican joint near Stef’s Dad’s house and that didn’t work out so well for me. Near the end of the drive from Conway to Keene, I needed Stef to pull off the highway and into a McDonald’s parking lot so I could utilize their facilities. I was not doing good at all.

Stef was a trooper and got us home alive. We were both dead tired. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow, but I’m happy to be home.