That Little Bastad Goes Grey

Some things have changed. You may not have noticed but some things have changed. “What might those things be?” you ask. Well sit tight and I’ll tell you. The answer is quite simple really. That Little Bastad has gone grey.

In celebration of the Five year anniversary of this site and the three year anniversary of “A Few Choice Words” I’ve revamped the whole kit and kaboodle. There is a new look and feel, lots of new features and most importantly, at least for me, a new backend.

In the past I wrote and archived “A Few Choice Words” by hand. It was a tedious process that involved me editing about five files every time I wanted to post an entry. It was near impossible to do remotely and it was a pain in the ass even when I was sitting at my ‘puter at home with all the tools at my disposal.

One of the reasons I started “Blog del Bastad”, the other often updated feature on the site, was that I could update it from anywhere and I didn’t have to do a lot of work to keep it working. Gradually, I started updating it more often than “A Few Choice” because I was lazy. That never sat well with me. “A Few Choice” was what I wanted to be doing. The Blog always seemed silly and inconsequential. I never felt comfortable really opening up and writing over there.

So I went in search of some piece of software that might help me automate “A Few Choice.” What I found was this nifty CGI program called Greymatter which some other sites I visit on a regular basis were using. It would do all of the boring recoding crap I used to have to do by hand when it came to archiving. I was golden.

Of course I decided to try and install this program in the middle of trying to revamp the rest of the site for the anniversary and thusly I got way behind.

Well I’ve crawled out from the hole I dug for myself and I am happy to present the all new “A Few Choice Word” powered by Greymatter.

If you want to check out the previous years of “A Few Choice Words” you should point your browser at the archives section, which has links to all of the previous entries.

Anyway, I hope you like the new site. I certainly do.