Glad I’m Not Sad

Any day that begins with a rejection letter is going to be bad, right? Well, as strange as it may seem, that didn’t end up being the case for me today. I did received a rejection letter from Glimmer Train Press in regards to “The One About Ian”, but aside from the initial letdown, I wasn’t all that upset about it. Perhaps that was because the day turned out to be so busy and I had hardly any time to mope. Whatever the case, I’m glad that last week’s melacholia didn’t continue into today.

I mentioned to Stephanie that when work goes well, she never hears about it. The reason she’s been having all these discussions with me lately about sacrificing her own dreams and ambitions is because she only ever sees how upset I get about the job. She only ever sees me at the end of a long day, when I have nothing left to protect me from the violent mood swings and the rollercoaster ride through depression. I made a point to mention that the day was okay today, because I want her to know that every day is miserable for me.

Perhaps I have a decent perspective tonight because I also was able to get the NFL Shop to send me replacement copies of the things I ordered that were stolen from my lobby. Perhaps I have a decent perspective because I got started on a story this morning that seems to have some small measure of potential. Whatever the case, I’m just glad I’m not sad.