I’ve Been Unable to Put You Down

I’ve been working on a new story this week, “The One About Eddie”. It’s been a very different experience from my other recent writing experiences. Two days into it and I really have no pages to speak of. I have a collection of ideas, character sketches, and thoughts on the plot, but I have no story started. In the past that might’ve scared me. Right now, I seem to be taking it just fine. I have confidence that I will get there. I do wonder, though, whether or not I’m being overly cautious with my planning due to the response I got to my first piece.

“Eddie” is a fictionalized account of a comic book store owner I used to know. As with every idea that begins in my real life, a lot of work is spent to move it further and further into the fiction. That’s not because I’m worried about disparaging someone—though, maybe I should be. It’s more about trying to make sure I don’t get caught up in the traps of what happened in real life. In fiction you need to listen to what happened in the fiction, not in the reality that inspired it. That’s why it took me so long to write “The One About Robin” and get it anywhere close to right. I was too concerned about what actually went down between JonMartin, Tracy, and myself.

Again, work today was so frenetic that I had no time to be sad or melacholy. I did have time to be pissed off, though, and I was pushing myself to get several e-mail campaigns out the door on time. There was a great deal of swearing on my part. I’m lucky that nobody has complained to upper management about that. Mostly they just joke with me, making sure I’m not beating up myself—or the machines—too much.

I’m glad tomorrow’s Friday. I’m looking forward to a weekend of writing and reading and maybe I’ll get out once or twice, too. Stef’s in class this weekend, so maybe I’ll drive down the Cape or go to a library one day. Who knows?