I did a lot of reading today, made a trip to the comic book store, and generally tried to take it easy. Tomorrow I’ll need to do the laundry and a bit of grocery shopping, so I’m trying to conserve energy for those two important tasks. Actually, I have no idea what I’m talking about. There are some days where I don’t know what to write here and I’m not sure why I push myself to do it regardless. Maybe I should just allow myself days off. But, when you’ve written every day for two years straight in a journal like this, you do find yourself hesitant to stop.

So, I got a lot of reading done. That’s the big news. This is good news, too. It means I won’t have as much to get done this week and the main stress will be on getting my writing done in time for the next deadline, which is a week from Monday. I’m feeling a little bit better about this deadline. I think I might have some decent work to submit.

This is assuming I’m able to complete my story and get into shape by then. That, I guess, is a big assumption.

There is a sign on the door to the laundry room in our building that says to keep a close eye on your laundry because people have been stealing other people’s clothes. That’s wonderful, isn’t it? Not only is mail getting stolen, but laundry’s getting stolen, too. Now I don’t feel so silly for checking my locks about six times each morning before I leave.

I think I wrote that exact same sentence earlier this week. You see what writing every day does to a guy?

Oh, one last thing. I’m looking for an artist to potentially work with on this comic book/graphic novel thing I’ve had in my head since I was a teenager, back when I did my own drawing. I’m thinking that my interdisciplinary project for next semester might be a collaborative independent study on creating a comic. I’ve seen exactly the style of art I think might work, too. This is probably asking too much, but I would love for my comic to have the look and feel of this girl’s art.