Interior Design (or lack thereof)

I set two main goals for myself this weekend. The first was to finish reading the second of the two books I had to read for my MFA program this month. The second was to do our taxes. I am happy to say that I accomplished both. I don’t always get to say that I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish in a given weekend. You know me. That’s a rare achievement. By the end of tonight I was a little down, but that’s bound to keep happening so long as I have to go to work for someone other than myself the next day.

Doing the taxes was confusing as ever, but we did end up with a sizeable return. It was far greater, in fact, than Stephanie had anticipated. This was mostly thanks to the education credits we were both allowed to take. The money we get will go straight to our house fund. Stef and I were watching home improvment shows while I was reading from Thom’s section in the Queer Eye coffee table book I picked up today with some holiday gift money given to me. It was kind of sad because we both decided we’d done as much as we could do with this apartment and we’d never really tried to do more because it wasn’t ours.

Uhm, I don’t even want to go back and read that sentence to see if it was a run-on. I hope it made sense.

So, that was my day. I read, did taxes and laundry, bought a queer coffee table book and two comic books, and then I sat down and ate dinner with my woman.