Apathy Rising

I had a relatively unproductive morning writing session after I finally fought off the apathy demon. It wasn’t until I was in my car, on my way to work, that the ideas about my latest story started coming to me. As quickly as I could, once I got to my desk, I started jotting down what my thoughts had been. I think I managed to get them all down and then I sent them to myself by e-mail to print out later on.

I’m enjoying reading Sue Miller’s The World Below right now. It’s about a woman who moves back to the house she spent part of her childhood in with her grandmother and its partially told as a recollection about the grandmother’s life from about 1919. It’s really interesting. I got to hear Miller read at the residency in January and she was great. I’m pleased to find that it wasn’t just her delivery that did it for me—that the text is great as well.

I fell asleep watching Queer Eye tonight, so tired was I. I distinctly recall seeing the teaser for the final segment but I must’ve fallen asleep during that last batch of commercials because I don’t remember how it ended or anything else until I woke up about five minutes ago.

The Celtics won tonight and I was watching part of the game. I guess that means I don’t curse them by paying attention.

Tomorrow morning, I’m guessing, the apathy will have grown even stronger. We’ll see how I handle it.