Queer-Eye Steak

As you may remember, last weekend I bought the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy book. In Ted’s section of the tome there were quite a few recipes I was interested in trying. As it happened, I forgot to take something out for dinner tonight and it turned into the perfect opportunity for me to do a little experimenting. The results, and Stephanie wholeheartedly agreed with me, were simply fantastic.

I made parmesan crisps, which I loved and Stephanie agreed were good but only kinda liked. I also decided to make a good steak for once. I bought a good cut, instead of the cheapo stuff we usually settle for. After all, we would’ve spent the same amount on ordering something out tonight. When it was time to cook, I followed Ted’s instructions explicitly. It was really easy. That was my biggest revelation.

The only trouble was that the exhaust fan on our stove is a piece of shit. It doesn’t take the smoke outside. It simply spits it back out into the room. So, we had to open a window to make sure we didn’t set off the fire alarm. Well, we did set off the little one inside our apartment—also a piece of shit—and we had to unplug that. But, we had no problems with the bigger system out in the hallway.

And when we sat down to eat, there was wonder on both our faces. We hadn’t, we were pretty sure, ever experienced food in our home that came this close to what you might get in a restaurant or at a house where someone knew what the hell they were doing. The steak was tender, juicy—it was every steak cliche you could think of.

Sure, we had the standard boring sides that we always have because I’d wasted my creativity all up on the steak and the parmesan crisps, but all in all it was a good meal. The Queer Eye grooming tips have been working out for me already and I’m glad that the cooking tips seem to be right-on as well.