Revolution Resolution

I had to write annotations for my MFA program today and I only wrote one of them while Stef went into work for a short Saturday shift. Then we went out. That was probably not the wisest decision on my part, as i have to write two annotations per month and I only wrote one. When we came home, we ended up watching television and fucking around on the computer. And then we drove across the city to sate Stef’s craving for Taco Bell and we came home and ate and watched more TV and I fell asleep, still not having written my second annotation.

Hmm… I should learn not to sum up the entire day in one paragraph. Then I have nothing to talk about in the rest of the entry. This is a problem.

Oh, Stef and I also bought a book on housebuilding. Not that we want to actually do the building ourselves, but we’ve been thinking about buying a piece of land having a house built for us instead of just buying something that’s already there. Maybe we’d build a little ourselves. Or paint a room or something.

That’s it. I have nothing more to say.