I wrote my second annotation this morning and it went much quicker than the first. Actually, I am quite pleased with both of them now. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning when I review them, but right now I think I’ve done a good job. My story, too. I think its in a good place. I have an idea for two additional scenes but I can’t figure where to put them right now. I’m hoping the criticism I receive back on this one will help me figure out where to take it. I have a feeling it’s in a much better place than the last story, though.

Before I go any further, I must share this image of a hot Japanese video game that a coworker of mine sent to me over the weekend (ED: Link/image has been lost). I got a good, hearty chuckle out of it. I’m sure that Erik will get a kick out of it. Maybe he’s even played it.

Outside of doing schoolwork I spent some time today on neat t-shirt designs I had been thinking of after my shopping venture yesterday. It had occurred to me that instead of buying really bland graphic tees that everyone who enters into the department stores buy, I could make my own in the same style with a more personal edge.

For instance, I saw this long-sleeved t-shirt I liked that had the image of a car and the name of some west coast garage on it. I thought, my grandfather had a garage and I could make something that had a cool car on it and still had a little bit more of my personality on it.

That idea led to another one called “Clark’s of Cape Cod” which has a big four-master on it and a parody of the “EST. 1964” kinds of things where I put in the date of my family’s arrival in the country.

The third idea was the most fun. I did a Soma concert t-shirt. If it turns out well, I will have to let my old bandmates in on it.

So, anyway, I think I’m done for now.