So, I joined this Friendster thing a couple of weeks ago now, and once I get started roaming through my personal “Six Degrees of Chris Clark” network, I just can’t stop myself. This ends up costing me buckets of time that would be better spent getting reading done, getting writing done, or spending time with real, live people. After watching the trashy reality show, Class Reunion  or High School Reunion or whatever the hell it was called, on Sunday night, I found myself with that recurring desire to look up old high school people.

I never find them. They don’t seem to exist. Mainly, I find people from Bradford. I actually did find both of the other Chelmsford High grads who went to Bradford, but I was never close friends with them so I haven’t written to them or tried to make them my friend within the little program or whatever.

I also thought I’d found my brother at one point, but I wasn’t sure if it was him and Stef said she definitely didn’t think it was. All I had to go on was the one, small picture, because he wasn’t in my network yet.

Is all this gibber-jabber to you? If so, I apologize. Friendster is, like, this personal networking thing. It’s available at Sometimes it’s really slow.