The Weight Timeline

So, most of the day was rather lackluster. I could’ve let myself slip into the depths, but I really didn’t. Instead, I tried to keep myself busy with the computer, with television, with food shopping, and finally with a little project I’d been meaning to get to for a couple of months. I had wanted to scan a number of pictures of me at various weights to track my progress over the last five to six years. I wanted to show myself how much I actually had improved.

The results of this little project, if you would like to see them, are visible at

It was really crazy to look at the journey I’d been through. There weren’t many pictures where I remember feeling honestly unattractive. I was ten to twenty pounds heavier at my wedding than I am now, but I didn’t feel unattractive. In fact, at my wedding I felt quite handsome. Still, I was pleased with all the progress I’d made, even since then.

I sorta stayed away from my ancestry project today. I had planned to visit my Grandma to interview her this afternoon, but nobody was around at the house. I took Stef on a drive around some of the places I’d found in Dracut on my various drives over the last couple of weekends when she was in class or when I was trying to have breakfast during daylight hours without disturbing her fast.

Well, anyway, the day is over. Tomorrow I get to get back to work on “The One About Robin” and right now, I’m off to watch the trashy second episode of High School Reunion.