Panicky Kind Of Day

Days like this just shouldn’t be allowed. I’m realizing how far behind I am on my ancestry project, which counts for three credits this semester. I’m realizing that I’m running out of time to complete this revision of “The One About Robin” and that means it won’t be anywhere close to done by Friday, as I haven’t even finished the draft yet, let alone read through it. I’m realizing that i ahve a lot of work to do at work and that it stresses me out so much that its hard to stay motivated throughout the rest of the day. Most of all, I’m realizing that all of this catches up with me in the morning when I am trying to get up to enjoy the two most special hours of my day and that just the tiniest bit more apathy would set this vicious cycle off in a very bad way.

Work progresses on all fronts, but not quickly. Two months ago, I was anxious for this semester to be half over. Now it’s more than half over and I’m terrified. On Friday, I’ll submit the third of my four progress reports to my ancestry project advisor and the report will be short and will possibly get me a reprimand. I still haven’t had a chance to interview my Grandma. I haven’t made any visits to the research sites I wanted to go to, except the libraries. This is not good.

Working on “The One About Robin” has been my sole comfort, but knowing that I won’t finish that either before my allotted amount of time is up is frightening to me. It occurred to me today, with so much work left to do this week: “What did I do all of last week that I’m so far behind?”

So, in short, it was a panicky kind of day. I got a fair amount of reading done, but I really need to buckle down tomorrow and get one of the little projects I need to get done for my ancestry project finished, so I can send it off on Friday.