Near Walk Out

How bad were things at work today? Well, they were so bad at the beginning that I nearly walked out after three minutes in the office. All the progress I’d made on “The One About Robin” this morning, which was a great deal of progress, and all the fun I’d had singing along to The Bangles on the way in—it was gone instantly. One harshly criticizing e-mail and the realization that my leaving on time the night before had caused a problem was all it took. If it weren’t for the positive parts of my morning before then, I might not have been able to hold myself back and keep myself employed.

Things got better and it was an alright day at work. I got out on time and headed for the gym. Stress returned when I got home as I set about to work on a family tree for my ancestry project. I did this chart that was different from all the traditional trees you see in books and things. Every person got a life line, so that we could see their whole lives in a historical perspective and in relation to each other, not just their connections to their children.

Anyway, you’d probably need to see it for that description to make sense and unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner big enough to show you a picture.

It’s time for bed. Tomorrow I’ll try to wrap up this draft of “The One About Robin” and get my third progress report on the ancestry project off. And in all this stress I’d almost forgotten that the latest Kevin Smith flick, Jersey Girl, comes out tomorrow night. If I make it through Friday alive, that’ll be my treat to myself.