Take Me Down To The Paradise City

Stef and I went out on a date tonight to celebrate getting through the hell that was this week. We went to the Loews Cinema in Methuen and took in Kevin Smith’s Jersey Girl. I was moved and inspired. Affleck was great in the lead. Liv Tyler doesn’t get enough parts like this. George Carlin made me laugh and also managed to break my heart. Raquel Castro, the Jersey Girl herself, was a brilliant find. I hope she doesn’t disappear from the film landscape.

Earlier in the day, I somehow managed to help churn out a project at work fairly quickly and with pretty good results. That was a nice feeling, because I had this sinking sensation that I might get yelled at all day. Everyone was in a decent mood, though, because it was so nice outside.

My advisor’s responses to my second submission packet came by e-mail and they were much more helpful and insightful. I think part of that is that I gave her better material to work with this time. In looking back on what I submitted the first month, I can see why she wouldn’t have very much positive to say about it.

After we saw Jersey Girl, we went across the parking lot to Friday’s and had sizzling chicken and cheese. I had mashed potatoes with mine. Stef had broccoli.

I have no idea how I made it through this week. I really don’t. I’m just glad that I did.