The Search for Couture

Stef went into work this morning. It seems to have become something of a Saturday habit. She simply has too much work during the week and it drives her nuts to know she’s not making any progress. So, she gives up most of one of her two days off in order to stay sane. I could never do it. I think I went in on the weekends once or twice when I worked at LexisNexis but I could never do it at the job now. I’m burnt out by Thursday afternoon there as it is.

With Stef at work, I decided to get some shopping done. I really wanted to replace a bunch of the older, rattier, way-too-big work clothes and underclothes I had lying around. I visited a number of shops, had a very hard time finding white underwear in the right size, and was very frustrated by the end of it all. The chest pains and indigestion that plagued me yesterday afternoon and last night continued. It was good to get stuff done, but not pleasant.

Not paying attention to my body, I picked up a chicken cutlet sandwich with sauce and cheese from King Cutlet, this place down the road I’d been meaning to try for over a year. The sandwich was amazing and the bread was fresh, soft, and so good I wanted to go back for more of it.

Stef eventually came home and I got to thinking I’d wasted way too much of my day. I read comic books and tried to relax. After the week I had, I suppose it was warranted. But, you know me. I can’t let myself have a break.

I’m going to try and go to bed and be easier on myself now.