You left some of the form fields empty

It was an exhausting week to get through at times and so after work, with Stephanie gone at class tonight and for most of the weekend, I stopped by a bar of a certain variety I will not mention here and I relaxed for a little while. I enjoyed the entertainment, had myself a drink (though it was only a Sprite, the fact that it had sugar in it was good enough for me), and then came home. The Celtics were on, so I watched a little of that. Then I started surfing the ‘net, which always wastes hours, but really, I didn’t care.

I’m thinking I’ll get up early tomorrow morning to get down the Cape and do some research. I’m not sure how early. I just feel like I want to be moving before the sun comes up, like that will make me feel better about how much I’m accomplishing with my day.

I’m thinking I’ll stop in Plymouth on the way down, to see Thomas Clark’s grave at Burial Hill and then I’ll head down the Cape, stop at libraries in Harwich and Yarmouth, and if time permits, I’ll jaunt on over to Bristol, RI to check out the soldier’s home where Eli Owen spent his last days. it’s a lot to do, but I’ll really feel like I’ve done a bunch if I can get it all done.

I haven’t successfully gone a day without a shower with this new haircut, but because it’s supposed to rely on that styled to be messy kind of look I should be able to. I might try that. I don’t think I’ll want to waste time on a shower tomorrow morning.

Reading that back, it sounds kind of gross. Oh well.