She Brings Eyesight to the Blind

I am so lacking motivation when it’s time to get up in the morning and it’s really pissing me off. How many times have I typed a sentence like that in the past few months? Anyway, what’s really killing me is that I feel like I finally find inspiration only in the last ten or fifteen minutes of my alloted writing time. By the time I am ready to really get going with a story, it’s time for me to quit and get ready for work. Then I spend the rest of the day inspired to work on the story, but I can’t.

So, when I’m spilling over with all this inspiration in the middle of the workday I sometimes have to vent my creativity into a doodle or something. Today, I came up with one I’m particularly proud of.

The people at work were a combination of disturbed and impressed. We decided it was a transvesite who had lost his/her wig and was mighty pissed off about it. We tried, in vain, to come up with a suitable name. You’re welcome to offer suggestions in the comments below. I’m thinking this might make a good t-shirt or something. I’m always happy when I produce a drawing that makes me feel like I still have some iota of talent in that department.

The story, though it’s moving slowly, is coming along. As I said to my brother John tonight, I am really enjoying working with these characters again and I’m really happy that with the novel I’ll have more control over how they turn out than I ever would with a screenplay. The main trouble I’m going to run into is the amount of dialogue in the screenplays. I’m quite fond of all of it, but I think a bunch of it will probably have to go when it comes to adapting the story. I’ll need more time for action.

I don’t know. Anyway, I have to head off to bed now so maybe I’ll get up on time tomorrow and get more work done.