Is That Actually Why They Call It The Blues?

I have, again, been thinking about doing some redesign on all of my webpages. I have become mildly obsessed with making all of my pages standards-compliant. More importantly, I want to get more products on in the hopes that I might make some more dough. These t-shirts I’ve been designing, DVDs of old performances, and other stuff. Anyway, I know I have no time to do it but I’ve been thinking about it anyway.

Work on the novel is progressing as usual, but I’m not sure where this chapter will end. I haven’t really sketched out an outline or anything because I’m working from existing material that has pretty obvious breaks and lulls. The trouble is that I’m finding the real peaks and valleys of the novel are not the same as those in the screenplay. Therefore, I’m not sure where the natural endpoint to this particular part of the story will be.

As ever, reading over what I just typed, I’m not sure if it made any sense at all.

I finished reading Dostoevsky’s Notes From Underground this afternoon and Stef and I watched Smallville reruns while flipping back and forth during commercials to catch the scores on the Sox, Celts, and Bruins games that were going on. Two out of three teams won, and I guess that’s pretty good, considering the Boston sports scene.

Time for bed.