We’ll See

So, when Jimmy expressed interest in learning how to build a site yesterday I thought it might be interesting, if I decide to do a redesign, to sort of talk about it as I go. Except, that I’d need to talk about it in coherent terms, as opposed to the vague or confusing diatribes I’ve issued in the past while working on a redesign. Maybe documenting how I did it could help others do it themselves.

Of course, there’s still the issue of me finding time to do a silly redesign to begin with. My reading is going well and my writing for this submission period may be done and ready for an edit. But, I still have work to do on my ancestry project. I need to interview my Grandma. I need to get down the Cape a couple more times. When I’ll have time for this redesign is beyond me.

It is important to me, though. I do have so many ideas for ways that Clarkwoods could make me money, even small amounts of it. And since my ultimate goal is to really be financially self-sufficient, getting a web site up that makes me money instead of just costs me money, could be really beneficial and a step in the right direction.

I want to do something clever for ChrisClarkSucks.com as well. If I’m going to own my own official hate web site, I want to really do it up right. I mean, I’m happy using it for the weight loss stuff right now, but I want more.

And EarlForAmerica.com — what ever will I do with that failed, but cool idea?

Well, we’ll see. The end of the semester is nearing and then I’ll have less work to do. That might be the perfect time. Of course, that might also be the perfect time to relax so that I don’t explode. But, we’ll see.