Keester Soonday

So anyway… Sorry about the vague entry yesterday. Today, I’ll try to be back to my blunt and honest self. If it occurs to me to write about how I took a dump just now, I might do that. If it occurs to me to describe what the deposit looked like, I might consider it. In short, I shall try to be playful and disgusting and provocative. I will try to be all of the things you have come to expect me to be.

We had a nice Easter Sunday over at my parents’ house, the first time we’d seen them in months. Family was there and we ate dinner and I showed off the pictures I took last week while down the Cape. In short, things were peachy. We talked a good deal about a plan to maybe build a house on the back part of my parents’ property, an idea we’d liked long ago but hadn’t heard much about in a while.

Stef and I have sort of waffled back and forth on Maine versus Massachusetts, but I think that we’ve determined that Massachusetts may be better for us, at least to get our careers started.

And well, that’s all the time I have for tonight folks. I’m off like a prom dress.