The Stroke’s The Word

Let me tell you, work picked a perfect day to keep me forty-five minutes late. I have a deadline tomorrow for school, which means I have reading to do, papers to write, and a story to polish. I needed every minute I had tonight. Unfortunately, nobody at work gives a flying fuck that I have a life and responsibilities outside of work. Like every other job I’ve had, they expect utter devotion to them. I just can’t give that and I wish I could find a place that understood that notion.

I came home and I did get some reading done. Then, in lieu of sitting down with my story and stewing over it, I decided to read it aloud to Stef. That was helpful, if only because her enjoyment of the reading made me feel a little less insecure. I did find a couple of awkward spots as well, as is bound to happen when reading aloud.

We stopped to cook dinner and then allowed a break to watch Smallville, which was new for the first time in a month. Being a lazy bones, I ended up staying on the couch to watch the end of the rather high-scoring, final regular season Celtics game. After that I decided it was time for bed. I guess I’ll just do my paper writing tomorrow. They better not keep me late again.