I Read Poetry Into Your Machine

I finished my schoolwork before dinner and though I was cooking my least favorite of the four or five set meals we choose from each night, I actually kind of enjoyed it. I was cooking chopped up chicken strips, seasoned Mexican-style, and I did funky things with the seasoning (turning it more into a sauce with the addition of water) and I added the cheese that we usually add afterward while I was still cooking. It got all melted and gooey and the end-result was phenomenal. I was really pleased with myself.

After dinner I decided to try and get back on the computer and finish off these t-shirt designs I’d been working on. I’m going to get some of the models at iStockPhoto.com to model them for me.  It’s going to be cool. Of course, like I said, if anybody who reads this site buys one and wants to take a picture, I will consider using that too.

Here’s a second shirt, one that I’m very proud of. It features what I think will become the new Clarkwoods logo. I decided to show the designs on some of the ladies’ shirt options today.

As you can see, that one has a front and a back. What I’m most proud about is the Clarkwoods logo. I think it’ll be a much more personal, truer design piece to center my new website around.

Anyway, I’m glad I made my deadline for school. The story and the annotations are off. It was my third of four submissions for the semester and I can’t believe it’s gone relatively quickly. I hesitated to type that because I figured that’d mean everything would start going really slow again, but whatever.

That’s it.