I Live On The Second Floor

After a long week, a night of theater and drinking was exactly what the cliche doctor ordered. Together with Jon and his friend Lucy from Oxford and one of her other friends, I got to see a production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and I got to drink a little at a Harvard bar. (Were you able to read those last two words without slipping into a Southie accent and following up with ‘How do you like ‘dem apples?’ If so, good for you.)

The rest of the day’s not worth mentioning, so I won’t, but I guess I already did. It was a day. What else can one say? Uh-oh, I’m rhyming.

Speaking of rhyming… there was a kid blaring obnoxious rap songs from his Harvard dorm room as we were walking past campus tonight. I thought it was really funny.

I also thought it was really funny when Lucy prefaced a description of a very graphically violent scene in a play she’d done with the disclaimer, "It’s Greek, so it’s okay."

Bed, now.