The Sound of Metal on Metal

I’m sort of confused about what I’m using my morning writing time for during the next two weeks. When I drew up a schedule early in the semester, these two weeks were designated for work on "The One About May". I had wanted to get a reading of Lolita done before starting in on that story, though, because I thought the narrative would benefit from an examination of how Nabokov structured the narrative of his novel. So, since I haven’t read Lolita yet, I didn’t get up this morning to work on "May". In fact, I didn’t get up to write this morning at all.

And part of the problem I had early in the day was because of this. The reason I ended up crying while making breakfast… the reason I wore such a somber expression on my way to work… All that was precipitated by the fact that I was lazy and didn’t get up on time. My indecision fucked me over for the day.

So, I think I’m going to work on my ancestry project in the mornings for the next two weeks instead. I have a deadline on that next Friday and I have to turn in my What I Know Now paper on that date.

The rest of the day was okay because the Red Sox won and the Patriots traded for running back Corey Dillon, addressing one of their only glaring holes. If the Bruins had won tonight, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, the Bs didn’t want to cooperate.

I should also mention that I am really enjoying reading Dark Tide, which is the story of the great 1919 molasses flood in Boston. The tonal quality of the piece is exactly what I’m looking for with my family history, once I get to it. It’s telling a story, but it’s strongly based in factual detail and it gives a real picture of how this forgotten event was tied into so many important things going on in the world at the time. It’s definitely worth a read.