Sometimes I Drive So Fast, Just To Feel The Danger

I’ve really been slacking on the morning writing this week. It was my intention to work on the final paper for my ancestry project, but I haven’t gotten up to do so even once. The temptation to allow myself the extra two hours in bed has been too much to ignore. What’s really frustrating is that I’ve been a little less irritable this week. What’s that supposed to tell me? If I gave up the writing I would be happy?

This morning (or was it yesterday morning? I forget) I did start on the outline for the piece, which was good. I was really excited to finish the outline and get working. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any time. I had to start cooking breakfast and then getting ready for work. Who knows what tomorrow morning will bring, but if the week so far has been any indicator I probably won’t get anything done tomorrow either.

And I’m not getting anything done in the afternoons. I had decided to skip the gym after Monday to get more reading done after work and each day I’ve come home and plopped in front of the computer and gotten distracted for a couple hours before it’s time for dinner.

Why so much slacking this week? And, more importantly, why am I in such a better mood?