Saturday Night Jive

The sad fact is, it’s Saturday and I’ve wasted most of my day arguing with software programs and my brother’s Digital Video Camera trying to import footage that I shot for a new music film, and I’ve made no progress and I’m so frustrated that I haven’t a clue what to write here tonight. Thusly, you’re just going to have to bear with me as I stumble through a random stream of incoherent thoughts.

Stephanie and I are obcessed with projects. We always need to be doing something. I think there is that certain bit of us that still hasn’t accepted that we’re no longer in college, that some days there simply isn’t anything that needs to be done except breathing.

For instance, I just finished this site upgrade. I’ve been wondering for the past 48 hours or so what my next big project will be. I have my latest script which I work on on the train but that doesn’t really count, does it? I have the first draft of my novel to read and correct but that just seems too damn daunting. I have a lot of little things on my plate but yet I felt the need to overburden myself with some new enormous goal.

So I sat down to start working on a video that I shot footage for towards the tail end of last year. JonMartin and I shot one that we still have to work on too but this one was one that I shot that was supposed to be quick and dirty. Unfortunately, there has been nothing quick about this project, and the only thing dirty about it is the way in which my software and hardware are being dirty fucking whores.

So here’s the deal. I can get one program to capture the video great but it only saves in a proprietary format (which, for those non-techies out there, means it can only open up in the program which captured it and nowhere else). Then I’ve got this program which can save in any format I want but it screws up the video by dropping frames. (Dropping frames, for the uneducated, means that if you’re supposed to have 30 frames of video per second, the thing drops one or two or ten and doesn’t bother to capture them).

I have a program that’s supposed to be able to convert the video from the first program into video that can be used anywhere but every time I start it up it crashes.

And so, by the end of the day, I am left feeling like a total fucking loser because I couldn’t get this thing to work. But I’m not a loser. I’ve done quite a bit with my life as of late and I just can’t be happy. I need to be working on something. Steffy just finished knitting a blanket and I guarantee she’s already looking for something else big to do.

Why can’t we be happy just inhaling and exhaling?