A Fading Beauty Named Milly Grace

I meant to get up early this morning and get back on track with the writing, but I didn’t. Did I give myself crap about it? Absolutely. Did I cry while cooking my breakfast? You bet. Am I a big fucking ball of stress? Fer shure! Will I keep up with this question and answer format throughout the entire introductory paragraph of this entry? Probably.

Tomorrow is my three-year wedding anniversary. How crazy is that? How can I be depressed about that? The truth is, I can’t. My wife makes me happy. She’s one of the few things that does, no matter how stressed out I am. The sight of her face at the end of the day is a comfort. It’s what helps get me through the day. Three years of marriage, eight years of being together… I am lucky, at least in that regard.

I did get more done on my paper this afternoon, after a workout, but I’m not certain I’m going to finish by Friday. Not finishing by Friday would be bad. Friday is the deadline. I like to make deadlines, no matter how much of a slacker I am. Deadlines are just something a good writer has to make.

Or, is it that good writers don’t make deadlines? Is that maybe my problem? I don’t know.

Anyway, I gots ta git to bed now so I can get up on time tomorrow.