Soy Un Perdedor

So, the fact that I didn’t open the iPod until this morning meant that I didn’t get to enjoy its wonderfulness at all until I got home tonight. It had to charge, after all. And, I hadn’t yet installed the firmware/software for the iTrip transmitter, which makes it possible to listen to the thing through the radio. But, all of this didn’t keep me from leaving work at 11 AM to run home in a fit of paranoia because of something I’d just read on an iPod web site. I had left the iPod charging inside the protective case I got to make sure it doesn’t get scratched (they get scratched really easily) and according to Apple, that’s a no-no.

It was a waste of a trip, to be truthful. I got home, took the iPod out of the case and it wasn’t overheated or anything. I got back in the car, struggled to get my CD to tape adapter to play in stereo again (thank God, I won’t have to deal with that anymore), and headed back for work.

It was a frustrating day that just kept getting more frustrating. The piece de resistance was when Stef and I both left our respective workplaces at the same time and she beat me home even though she’s typically forty minutes away and I’m about fifteen. The traffic was that bad and each day it’s getting worse.

When I got home I started work on finishing my paper. This is when things got scary. As I was finishing it up, I started shaking. I couldn’t keep my thoughts going straight. I was, I dont know if you’d call it hyperventilating, but that’s what I’d call it. I got away from the computer and eventually I calmed down. We ate dinner and watched Friends and I was fine.

I’ll finish the paper tomorrow morning and I’ll be able to bring my iPod to work. It’ll be Friday and it seems I might finish the major project I’ve been working on at work, too. Then, I’m going to relax. Maybe I’ll actually make good on my weekly promise to myself and get out and have a drink.