The Taste of Your Lip Gloss

I got to really try out my iPod for the first time today, along with the iTrip transmitter. It was so neat to have such a large selection of songs at my fingertips in the car, though I had to hold the iPod at a specific place in the air in order to get the best reception. I’d later discover that this was mainly an issue with my car when I brought it into Stef’s car and it played fine from the backseat, but it did worry me a little bit. The other thing is that I’m not sure why iTunes picked the particular bunch of songs it did to fill up the iPod when I first connected it.

Tonight I plan on staying up and reorganizing that playlist. There are certain songs I don’t care about having on the iPod and there are other songs I simply must have. Basically, my ideal situation would be on where almost every song that could possibly come on the thing would be something I want to hear.

You ask, shouldn’t that be the case with your whole music collection? Well, maybe you don’t ask that, but whatever. No, it’s not the case with my entire music collection. There are some songs I only want to listen to sometimes.

Anyway, I’ll make sure I’m stocked up on R.E.M. and Liz Phair and such and I’ll probably get rid of all the Metallica live stuff that the program picked out by default. I don’t need that much heavy metal in my diet.

Did I mention that I’m glad it’s Friday and I have a lot of relaxing to do now that I’m done with my ancestry project paper? Well, it is all that. It’s all that and a bag of Cape Cod potato chips.