A Wasted Day?

What constitutes a wasted day? That’s the question I’m trying to answer right now. I cleaned the entire apartment today and finally found out why my computer wasn’t shutting down properly. I also wasted a great portion of the day trying to get the silly ass video capture card I have (which is actually my brother’s, a Christmas present I bought for him two years ago) to work. I didn’t really accomplish anything today except that our bathroom no longer smells like piss.

I set lofty goals for myself when it comes to getting things done over the weekend. Relaxing is not enough. Getting my act together so that I can get through another work week is not enough. Reading comics and watching Star Wars movies (which I really wanted to do this weekend) is not enough.

But anyway, I think I’ve talked about this too much lately so I’ll shut up.

I just finished watching the finale of the Project Greenlight TV series that HBO has been showing. For the unaware, the show documented the making of a film by a contest winner, from winning the contest all the way through it’s premiere at Sundance. I liked the series for its drama but wished they could have shown some of the more positive things that went on. I hoped that they would be more educational in their approach, that they would show us aspiring filmmakers what we were in for if we were ever “greenlit.” All in all it wasn’t a bad show and I can’t wait for the film.

Which reminds me that tomorrow I really have to get back to the screenplay I was writing. I haven’t touched it in a couple of weeks because I’ve been busy with the site upgrade but I left off in an interesting place so hopefully it won’t be hard to get back into it when I get on the train in the morning.

Alrighty then. It being 10:29 on a Sunday night it is now officially past my bedtime. I gots ta go ta bed.