Far Beyond the Glaring Streetlights

Another rough one, today. Let’s leave it at that. I need a whole other weekend to recuperate, but I don’t have a whole other weekend. Let’s focus instead on the couple of really neat things that happened today. I spent many minutes on the cellphone with family and a friend. I spent many minutes behind the wheel, listening to my iPod through the car stereo and forgetting about the world outside the vehicle. It would be nice, wouldn’t it, if we could just do the things that make us a feel good all the time.

Mom called me up and we spoke about houses and such. She and Dad were wondering if we were looking, wondering what we were looking for if we were looking, and wondering if they could help. It was really cool, because they were really excited about helping. I got a number of calls from Mom throughout the rest of the day, letting me know about other townhouses and things that they’d seen. I ended up checking out a number of them while out on my drive.

I was out driving because I wanted to check out office furniture. I decided that we definitely need a new desk when we move out of this apartment. This was after I spent time cleaning all the dust out of it this morning. I know that new desk isn’t going to solve the dust problem, by the way. I just realized as I was trying to stuff all this stuff back into the desk that we could use more room. We really could.

Anyway, I was at one of the townhouses that my parents had seen when I got a call from JonMartin. We talked for a while. In fact, our conversation only ended when our signals were dying as I drove into the black hole of Dracut (black hole because cell phone signals disappear) and he was driving into… I actually don’t know where Jon was, but I know that his signal was dying, too.

So, the desk is clean. I got to talk to my family and a friend. I saw a desk or two I’d like to buy once I move. All in all, it should have been a good day. But, my brain isn’t cooperating. I’m still spread too thin. I’m still too stressed out. I’m still too something that I can’t figure out.

Anyway, I’m off for now. Maybe with sleep things will get better. That used to work in college.