Read This One! There’s No Whining.

Let’s talk about a couple of realizations I made today. Quickly, let’s get beyond the fact that this entry is going up at seven o’clock in the evening as opposed to seven o’clock in the morning. It’s shocking, I know. But, it’s not anything that hasn’t happened before. So please, let’s move on. The things that I realized all had to do with me thinking about why it was that I was a happier camper in the fall than I have been in the spring. There had to be something I was doing differently, didn’t there? I discover that, in fact, there were things I did different.

So, the things I realized were these:

  1. Journal entries should be written at night, not in the morning
    I’ve been writing these entries in the morning for too long now, putting myself back into the mindset of where I was the night before and trying to recapture the feelings of the previous day. That’s not helpful. Sleep has always been a cleansing time for me and yet, here I am purposefully revisiting all the bad shit that I’ve just spent eight hours in bed getting over? Where’s the logic in that? I need to start the day fresh. Journal entries should be written at night, at the end of the day, as a cleansing ritual. That’s why I started this thing anyway.
  2. My morning work time is for whatever needs to be done
    I’ve been too focused this semester on using my morning work time (from 5 AM to 6:45 AM) on writing. Really, that work time should be used for whatever needs to get done. Right now, I have a ton of reading to do. My final writing submission is supposed to be a revision and I was going to start in on something new this week, but the truth is I should be focusing on the reading. I’ve already revised a bunch of my stories this semester anyway. I just never turned them in for credit. So, there you go. I use my morning time for reading and I do a little tweaking of one of the revisions that’s already done and I’ll be all set.
  3. The gym is for working out, not reading
    Because I’ve been so strict with using the morning for writing, I’ve resorted to doing a lot of my reading while working out at the gym. This has not been good. First, it’s not all that easy to read on an exercise bike. Second, the energy I’m exerting flipping pages and trying to keep the book from closing on me would be better used actually doing the exercise. Too much multitasking. I’m not devoting the proper amount of time to either pursuit. So, if I leave my reading for the mornings and I get back on track with serious working out, then I’ll probably get more done on both fronts.

Those are my realizations. They came pretty naturally, too. And I feel really good getting them out there. There was a moment, on the ride from work to the gym, where I felt the despair taking over me. That’s when I had the gym realization and everything made so much more sense. It was great.

What did not make sense was iPod deciding to throw a little James Taylor and mellow Queen at me while I was on the elliptical machine. I made a pledge not to skip any songs until iPod had played through its entire playlist, and I didn’t. I was rewarded, in one instance, with a little Run D.M.C. ("Whose house? Run’s House") and in the other case with a little bit of the Beastie Boys ("Hey ladies!!!"). All in all, I’m enjoying my electic, somewhat insane playlist.