Mortgage Application

Tonight, Stef and I filled out a mortgage application online. I know that sounds really exciting. For us, it actually kind-of was. It was the necessary first step in this whole house-buying thing. Stef did most of the work. I finished up the last details. The one thing we were totally unsure of was whether or not our term life insurance counted as a liquid asset. Even just typing that sentence, I find myself confused.

We ate chicken finger pizza and watched Smallville and the Dateline special on Friends while we worked. The evening was pleasant. What more can you say?

I thought I’d found the perfect place to secure my iPod in the car today, but it turned out I was wrong and I ended up holding it up to the radio the whole drive anyway. Every place I put it in my car generates a different amount of static. I’m using the FM transmitter thingy they call the iTrip, if you don’t recall. It’s kind of frustrating, but at the same time I’m never very frustrated because I have an iPod and that’s a pretty damn cool thing to have.

Uhm, that’s it.