Elevated by the View

I started writing up this list of things I wanted in a new place to live today. Most of the stuff that ended up on the list had to do with little quirks of our current living space that just irk the hell out of me. I’m wondering if any of my homeowning friends, or my home-buying friends, or my apartment-dwelling friends (are any of these dashes necessary?) have ever done anything similar. Am I just a fucking weirdo?

I was plagued, for most of the day at work, with thoughts of house hunting. Stef got the word that we were pretty much all set with the preapproval process and I just couldn’t help myself. It’s something to be excited about, a very positive change going on in my life… It’s exactly the kind of thing I need to keep myself focused on the good instead of the bad.

I exchanged a couple of e-mails with Kim as well, today. I’m not sure why I’ve not mentioned that she is the person from high school who is now working at my office. Anyway, we see each other a bunch but never have any time to catch up. So, she sought to correct that with a little e-mail. It was cool. It seemed silly, though, that we couldn’t just walk down the hall and talk to each other.

I couldn’t make it all the way through my workout this afternoon. That sucked. But, since I’m focusing on the positive, let’s end with the fact that the Red Sox just won a game instead.