One Down, One to Go

I actually had a really different kind of thought regarding the weekend today. Usually by Saturday night I’m all kinds of upset that the weekend is half over. Today, despite the fact that Stephanie and did hardly anything substantial with our day, I found myself thinking, "I can’t believe I have a whole day left in this weekend." It was kind of a startling idea. Was I actually being positive? Was it possible that after reprioritizing the elements of my life a week ago that I might actually be a happier camper?

It was a cool feeling, whatever the case.

I did a little bit of napping and we did a little bit of driving around and looking at houses. We bought some flowers for Mother’s Day and brought them to my parents’ house because we won’t be able to see Mom or Grandma at all tomorrow because of Anisa’s graduation that we’re going to. Dad was there, along with Grandma and my Aunt Carol, and they all had varying opinions on what kind of house we should be looking at and maybe what was wrong with the idea of looking at townhouses instead of fixer-uppers that we could make a profit on. It was interesting to me. Stef felt a little discouraged, like people were telling her that this plan of action that she’s carefully constructed was all bad. I reassured her that we knew what we were doing and that we’re just not good at explaining that to other people quickly, especially when they’re all trying to be helpful and impart their own experiences to us.

Long paragraphs today. I apologize. If you’ve made it through any of them, I commend you.

I also got an e-mail from an old girlfriend who asked me to remove her last name from the site. It made me remember that I’ve been meaning to eliminate all last names from the site that I can. I mean, I want this place to be honest and stuff, but I don’t want to disparage anyone or make them feel bad. I quickly removed the two mentions of her last name and sent her a note to say so.

I don’t know whether you noticed or not, but I did finally add some new archival entires. Godwilling, I’ll be a little bit more regular about that. I updated the Archive index pages as well.

And, I finished reading Lolita today. I’m not sure what I’m going to write about it for the annotation I have due, but I’m feeling a lot better that I’ve got one book down and one to go.