We Were the Young Americans

Stephanie and I drove up to Keene State College to see her sister, Anisa, graduate today. We’ve become used to drives to see her family that are much longer, involving picking Anisa up in Keene and then driving all the way over to Maine, so the hour and a half it took us to get there this morning seemed like nothing. Unfortunately, it was an outdoor ceremony and it was raining. And, they hadn’t invested in a tent as dear old Bradford used to do.

The rain died out around the time the procession began. We were able to stand alongside this roped-off path to watch the graduates go by. By the time Anisa came by, at the end of the alphabetically arranged processional, most of the other folks had traveled out to the quad to find seats. We were able to stand in single file as she went by. It was cool. She’s worked really hard to get here.

The speeches were cookie cutter and boring. I was a little alarmed at the similarity between certain sections of the student speaker’s speech and my own, that I gave five years ago this weekend. Then I realized that there is basically nothing new to say in graduation speeches given to your peers. You basically make a few jokes and then tell them to remember a few things and then try to come up with some clever bit of advice to offer. In my case, the guest speaker that followed told the crowd what a tough act I was to follow. At least they didn’t do that here.

Family and friends gathered at a restaurant in downtown Keene for eats and then we spent a little while at Anisa and Bill’s apartment. I tried not to let the cat allergies get to me because Stef had already taken medicine and we didn’t need both of us to be drowsy on the way home.

We took off and headed home and now we’re here and all in all, it was a pretty good weekend. I can’t wait to start looking at houses this week.