View of the Cemetery

It’s never good to grab the handle of a pan that’s just been in a 450 degree oven with your bare hand, but that’s just what I did tonight. I yelped and swore and ran my hand under cold water for near ten minutes and, for a little while, it felt alright. Now, though, it feels like I don’t know what. It doesn’t feel good. Of that, I’m sure.

This burning of myself set off a short chain of events that really broke me for about a minute, ending with me spilling my root beer by accident and ruining one of the doilies (sp?) on our living room table. I cried for a minute, because things were going so poorly, but then I realized how silly that was, and I calmed down.

Earlier in the day, despite a frustrating and nonproductive day at work, things were better. I checked out a house on lunch and was most pleased that the picture I’d seen online was not deceiving. It’s a great place and I think that if the inside is any good, Stef and I should really consider putting in an offer. It’s within our price range, in a decent neighborhood, and has a pretty big yard considering it’s in Lowell.

That was my day, really. Work was kinda frustrating because I wasn’t able to get much done and because I was kinda the bad guy today, at least in the eyes of the boss. Let’s leave that alone, though, because tomorrow could be a totally different story and it’s best not to dwell on the negative.