Pain, Pain Go Away. Come Again Some Other Day.

I worked out too hard yesterday and today I’m paying for it. To put this in perspective, the pain from working out too hard usually doesn’t come until two days later. The fact that I’m already feeling the pain from what I did yesterday, and that it was bad enough to keep me from returning to the gym tonight, does not bode well for tomorrow. I can’t even imagine what I will feel like tomorrow morning and really, I don’t want to imagine it.

What I did was work my arms in a new way, on a new machine, with too much weight involved. I was doing assisted chin-ups to work my biceps. I didn’t set the machine to give me enough assistance and my shoulders and upper arms are not happy with me because of this. That’s the deal.

Getting through the day at work was hard with all the aching my body was doing. Somehow, as I always do, I made it through. Lunch was horrid, because I don’t have time to walk down to Chelmsford’s common to do my reading any more and it was stifling in my car. I could survive if it never got this hot again.

And well, that was my day. I used to be so good at wrapping these entries together, but nowadays they all end with stuff like "And that was my day". I shall endeavor to do better.