That Is All

Two book-related things to report: First, my book has, sadly, been removed from the shelf at Willow Books in Acton. They have a great many authors interested in contributing to the Local Authors section and I have worn out my welcome. It’s time for someone else to take my place. Second, thanks to a deal struck with Xerox, you can now "Search Inside The Book", a neat little feature that allows you to search for phrases inside the book and also for people who input searches throughout the site to maybe accidentally stumble across my tome because it contains the search phrase they input.

So, there’s a good thing and a bad thing. I haven’t really done anything to promote the book in a good long while, though, so it’s not so bad that it’s being removed from the shelf. It’s only fair that others get a chance, too.

In other news, I completely blew off doing homework tonight in order to go check out houses with Stephanie. She was supposed to go to a thing at Lesley tonight, but work sucked and she didn’t go. We decided to drive by a few of the houses we’ve been reading about. Of course the ones that appealed the most were the most expensive, but that’s to be expected. We did see this nice little townhouse development in North Chelmsford that’s maybe a bit too crowded, but could be okay. And we saw two great townhouses in Dracut that are at the top of our price range.

We’ll see what the realtor can cook up in terms of viewings on Saturday. I am so excited to begin looking in earnest. Of course, I need to get through two papers by the end of Saturday as well.

And in case anyone is keeping score, I am still very sore from Tuesday’s adventure at the gym. Every couple of hours, some other muscle decides it wants to hurt. It’s not pleasant at all.

Lastly, somebody please remind me that I have to call JonMartin to ask him to call Fred so I can get a haircut before the wedding in June.