Not Too Shabby

A week ago I wrote about our search for a new home and asked for some advice. Among other things, Heather wrote, "Learn to go with your gut. When you find the absolute perfect house, you’ll know it. Warm fuzzies and everything, I promise." Today, Stephanie and I saw the insides of seven properties, but it was the first one that we were thinking about all day and that haven’t been able to stop talking about all night. Is it crazy to fall in love with the first thing you see? What if it really does fulfill every need you have? Is it crazy then?

Buying a house is not something you do on impulse. Most people can’t afford to do that. But, once you’ve decided you’re going to buy a house, why can’t the decision about which house to buy be simple? If you know exactly what you want and you find exactly what you want, what would be wrong with buying it? I don’t think there would be anything wrong with it. I’m sure others will disagree with me, though.

Anyway, the place we looked at and liked was a townhouse in Dracut, about five minutes from where we are now, but in a nicer, quieter section of town. It has two bedrooms, plus a loft. It has a roomy kitchen, a dining room with hardwood floors, and every appliance we would need is included. There were no structural defects. It has a fireplace. It has a nice deck that looks out over a beautiful lawn. It has, as I said, everything.

More importantly, both of us got those warm fuzzies that Heather was talking about. We both imagined what a baby’s room might look like. I immediately began imagining the computer network setup. I almost convinced Stef that we should buy a flat-panel TV to put above the fireplace, like they seem to be doing on almost every home makeover show in existence.

Beyond looking at houses, I also managed to see the shrink today, pick up my books that had been removed from the shelves at Willow Books in Acton, and hang out with JonMartin in the evening. Not too shabby a day, if you ask me.